September 1, 2017


  1. Welcome and Introductions (10 min)

  2. New EPC Website (5 min) 
    Provides dates of meetings but not agendas or venues
    All EPC meetings currently schedule during 2017-2018 will be in Bryan Hall 004

  3. Items for Committee Discussion and Prioritization (25 min)
    1. Enrollment Report – schedule meeting with David Johnson, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management (as delegated by BFC)
    2. General Education – Diversity task force (request for two EPC representatives) – follow-up from BFC resolution
    3. General Education – Broader consideration of relationship between EPC and Gen. Ed
    4. IU Bloomington Policies on Instructional Responsibilities – Request to review and propose revisions
      1. Academic Calendar – Are revisions necessary to effect calendar changes (e.g. Fall break)?
        H-21 IU Bloomington Academic Calendar Principles
        Also, is the relationship between the IUB policy and the IU policy consistent?
      2. Course Transfers - Is there any need for a “course transfer appeal board”?
        H-14 Course Transfer and Appeals Policies
      3. Grades and Exams – Are all the provisions of the policies still relevant, e.g. examination files, reflections on FN policy, outdated references to grade sheets, lack of an A+ grade. Should these policies be simplified and combined? Note: a change in the requirements for the Extended X policy was approved by EPC last April.
        H-29 Exam Policies
        H-30 Grades and Grading
        H-32 Grades Given Upon Withdrawal from Courses- Undergraduates Only
        H-34 Grade Submissions, Posting, Changes
      4. Residential Programs - Do the academic programs in residences meet the new requirements for minimum qualifications of instructors?
        H-38 Academic Programs in Residential Programs and Services (RPS)
      5. Does the BFC have jurisdiction over the course questionnaires? Does the timing match course calendars? Should it apply to professional schools & programs?
        H-39 Online Course Questionnaire

  4. Proposal for Policy Review – Item D above (10 min)
    Two EPC members should review each policy/groupings of policies and identify/suggest where changes are necessary or desirable as a prelude to deliberations of the full EPC committee.

  5. Other Items for EPC Consideration (10 min)
    Proposals from members of the committee

  6. Scheduling Next Meeting (2 min)
    9 am Friday, October 13, 2017 in Bryan Hall 004