November 10, 2017


  1. Approval of Minutes (5 min)
    From October 13, 2017 Meeting
  2. Discussion of Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) (18 min)
    1. Comments on process for formation of a OCQ committee with representation from FAC, EPC (volunteers and alternates requested), Board of Aeons, other student representatives. The aim of the committee is to identify strategies that will help increase student response rates for the OCQ.
    2. Consideration of a request to allow an alternate evaluation for MBA Academy Courses X515 and X616. The BFC policy for the OCQ can be accessed here
    3. A broader perspective on B is consideration of the relevance of the OCQ for professional degrees, or for graduate courses.
  3. Discussion of General Education Issues (15 min)
    1. General Education – Diversity task force (request for two EPC representatives) – follow-up from BFC resolution.
    2. Executive Committee proposes that the EPC establish a subcommittee to:
      1. Clarify the roles of the GenEd committee, EPC and the BFC in terms of establishing, revising, and interpreting GenEd policies.
      2. Evaluate and review the assessments of the various learning outcomes associated with the GenEd common ground and shared goals.
      3. Review and recommend the information that should be contained in the GenEd committee updates and reports.
  4. Discussion of Policies related to Grades (25 min)
    1. One change has already been approved – there are two other discussion topics.
      1. Revisions to the Extended X policy were approved in Spring 2017.
      2. Course withdrawals – consideration of data circulated by Mark McConahay on withdrawals and comparisons with other Big 10 schools. 
      3. Academic amnesty: Discussion of the merits of a policy of grade forgiveness after a specified number of years (e.g. 5 years). Such a policy would recognize that students are sometimes unsuccessful academically for a variety of reasons and years later find their low GPA is a barrier to occupational fields or further academic progress. A policy of academic amnesty would allow these students a second chance, with “forgiveness” for specified past grades contributing to the student’s GPA.
  5. Next Meeting
    9 am Friday, December 1, 2017
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