2018-2019 Circulars

Alternative accessible formats of these documents can be requested by contacting the Faculty Council Office at 812-856-5980 or bfcoff@indiana.edu

B1-2019: Bloomington Faculty Council Members 2018-2019

B2-2019: Bloomington Faculty Council Committees 2018-2019

B3-2019: Summary of Actions Taken 2017-2018

B4-2019: Memorial Resolution for Elliot Sperling

B5-2019: Memorial Resolution for Daniel Ray Sharpless

B6-2019: Updated Proposal 12

B7-2019: Updated Proposal 13

B8-2019: Updated Proposal 14

B9-2019: Memorial Resolution for David E. Kaser

B10-2019: Memorial Resolution for Alvin Lyons

B11-2019: Memorial Resolution for Robert Howard Shaffer

B12-2019: Memorial Resolution for Peter E. Bondanella

B13-2019: The Faculty’s Long-Range Plan for Indiana University (Bloomington)

B14-2019: Memorial Resolution for Ronald Markman

B15-2019: Memorial Resolution for Clint Strong

B16-2019: Proposed Amendments to BL-ACA-H30 Grades and Grading policy

B17-2019: Proposed Fresh Start through Academic Renewal policy

B18-2019: Report of the Diversity in the U.S. Learning Outcomes Subcommittee

B19-2019: Memorial Resolution for Laurence Donald Brown

B20-2019: Updated proposed Fresh Start through Academic Renewal policy

B21-2019: Proposal regarding non-tenure-track election units

B22-2019: Memorial Resolution for Robert Stansbury Stockton

B23-2019: Memorial Resolution for William Haeberle

B24-2019: Memorial Resolution for Anabel Powell Newman

B25-2019: Proposed Resolution against Harassment

B26-2019: Memorial Resolution for Janet MacLean

B27-2019: Memorial Resolution for Donald R. Whitehead

B28-2019: Memo regarding attendance policies

B29-2019: Indiana University Financial Outlook

B30-2019: EAB State Outlook: Indiana

B31-2019: Inside Higher Ed Article – New book argues most colleges are about to face significant decline in prospective students 

B32-2019: Inside Higher Ed Article – A Wake-Up Call

B33-2019: Inside Higher Ed Article - State support for higher ed grows 1.6 percent in 2018

B34-2019: Resolution Concerning Voting Rights of Full-Time Non-Tenure-Track Faculty