February 20, 2018 | 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. | Presidents Hall

  1. Approval of the Minutes of February 6, 2018

  2. Memorial Resolution for Bruce Cole

  3. Executive Committee Business (10 minutes)
    Alex Tanford, Faculty President

  4. Presiding Officer's Report (10 minutes)
    Lauren Robel, Provost

  5. Question/Comment Period
    Faculty who are not members of the Council may address questions to Provost Robel or President Tanford by emailing

  6. Proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty (90 minutes)
    Elizabeth Housworth, Parliamentarian and Chair of the Constitution and Rules Committee
    Jon Trinidad, Co-Chair of the Non-Tenure Track Task Force
    Nick Williams, Co-Chair of the Non-Tenure Track Task Force

    B29-2018: Proposal 1
    B30-2018: Proposal 2
    B31-2018: Proposal 3
    B32-2018: Proposal 4
    B33-2018: Proposal 5
    B34-2018: Proposal 6
    B35-2018: Proposal 7
    B36-2018: Proposal 8
    B37-2018: Proposal 9
    B38-2018: Proposal 10
    B39-2018: Proposal 11
    B40-2018: Proposal 12
    B41-2018: Proposal 13
    B42-2018: Proposal 14

Do you have an idea or a suggestion for the BFC? Send it to Elizabeth Pear at or Faculty President Alex Tanford at You may also contact any of the standing committee chairs or the BFC member representing your unit. Check out our website for the latest information and to see what the BFC is working on.