In order to supplement and provide more guidance on policies, the Bloomington Faculty Council has adopted a variety of principles, procedures and guidelines.

Alternative accessible formats of these documents can be requested by contacting the Faculty Council Office at 812-856-5980 or

Undergraduate Education and General Education at Indiana University Bloomington (4/18/2017)

EPC Report on Enhanced Diversity Requirements Within General Education (4/18/2017)

Student Academic Appointee Mediation Committee Procedures (3/21/2017)

Bylaws of the Bloomington Campus Research Related Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (9/2/2014)

Principles and Policies on Tenure and Promotion (4/15/2014)

Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedure Guidelines for Bloomington Campus (5/22/2009)

Principles: Handling Complaints of Misconduct Against the Faculty Members (4/16/1996)