Resolution on Campus Climate, Civility, and Inclusion

Whereas, for IU Bloomington to fulfill the promise and create a campus climate for all, the current moment requires a consistent and powerful expression of the faculty’s dedication to the safety of all its students; and

Whereas, the administration of Indiana University has reaffirmed our institution’s commitment to ensuring freedom of speech, a spirit of tolerance, and respect for others’ opinions; and

Whereas, the task of leadership in the classroom and the setting of the institution’s scholarly climate falls principally on its faculty;

Be it resolved, the faculty of Indiana University Bloomington is committed to defending all members of our community from hate, aggression, and intimidation;

Be it further resolved, that we as a faculty support the provision of any legal and necessary assistance to all students so they can continue their education in an environment that supports trust, respect, honesty, civility, free inquiry, creativity, and an open exchange of ideas; and

Be it further resolved, the faculty of Indiana University Bloomington encourage all our colleagues to avail themselves proactively of every opportunity for training, service, support, and advocacy, in furtherance of the goals of this resolution.

Be it further resolved, that we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to Indiana University Bloomington as a place of safety, diversity, tolerance, and respect.

(Approved: BFC, 1/17/2017)