Resolution in Response to President Trump’s Immigration Order of January 27, 2017

Whereas, the Bloomington Faculty Council of Indiana University views with alarm the recent Executive Order banning travelers, immigration, and refugees from certain countries, and

Whereas, the general intent and consequences of such an Executive Order are generally found repugnant by said Council,

Therefore let it be resolved that

In the case of any student whose progress toward degree is adversely affected by this Executive Order, the faculty charge Deans, Chairs, and faculty members in general to take whatever remedial actions and allow whatever accommodations are needed in order to ensure no lasting negative impact;

And that in the case of all academic appointees, the OVPFAA should work with Deans and Chairs to ensure that the effects of this Executive Order are taken into account such that they have no negative impact on appointees’ progress toward, tenure, promotion, or re-appointment.

Be it further resolved that the BFC charges the Educational Policies Committee and the Faculty Affairs Committee to translate these resolutions into policy as a matter of urgency.

(Approved: BFC, 1/31/2017)