Budgetary Affairs Committee

2023-24 Assignments

  1. Engage robustly in discussion with university and campus leadership about proposed revisions to the university and campus budget models. Finance leaders at the university and campus levels have assured leaders of the BFC that UFC and BFC BACs will be given the opportunity to review proposed changes to budget models and provide input on those proposed changes before changes are formally adopted.
  2. Participate in budget meetings with the Provost and make recommendations regarding funding requests.
  3. Consider the relative allocation of campus resources between new and existing programs and keep the Council apprised of proposed changes to these allocations.
  4. Advise on the setting of priorities with regard to capital outlays.
  5. Review existing faculty salary policies and consider whether any changes may be necessary in policy or practice at the campus level in the context of a changing economic environment (e.g. What is the appropriate place of COLAs in an inflationary economic environment?)
  6. Report annually to the Bloomington Faculty Council regarding the prior year’s budget process.

2023-24 Members

Dominick DiOrio
, Music
Jon Trinidad
, Chemistry

Iman Alramadan
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Xin Chen
Kelley School
Lori Duggan
Constance Furey
Religious Studies
Karen Gahl-Mills
Paul Graf
Elizabeth Housworth
Leslie Rutkowski
Lisa Thomassen
Psychological & Brain Sciences
William Wheeler