Vote in elections

Choose who you want to represent you on the Bloomington Faculty Council

BFC representatives are the voice of their constituents on a variety issues affecting the campus. Care about academic freedom? Interested in educational policies? Have concerns about promotion and tenure? If you can't run for a seat on the council, voting is another way to have a say in these important issues.

Elections to the BFC are a two-step process, beginning with nominations which determine candidates for each voting unit, and followed by a general election which determines who will sit on the Council. The elections process is outlined in Section 4 of the Bylaws of the Bloomington Faculty Council.

Last year, the Council moved to a self-nominations process in which individuals can choose to run for Faculty Council seats. A nominee's eligibility is verified and all eligible candidates are placed on the final ballot.

Want to do more?

Consider running for a seat on the Council

In the spring semester, the Bloomington Faculty Council Office and the BFC Nomination Committee receives self-nominations from individuals wishing to be candidates.

To know if you are eligible to run, please determine your voting unit and whether there are any seats up for election

At the time of self-nomination, nominees have the option of submitting a candidate statement. These candidate statements are optional but encouraged, and provide voters with more information to guide their decision-making.

Before the final ballot is determined, nominees are verified for eligibility and all eligible candidates are placed on the ballot in the general election.