The Bloomington Faculty Council (BFC) is an elected, policy-making body responsible for exercising faculty authority on the Bloomington campus. In the past several years, the BFC has increasingly dealt with issues going to the heart of our lives as faculty and the direction of the University.

Develop and improve shared governance operations at IU Bloomington

We will work to streamline BFC operations, clarifying the roles of committees and better articulate the policymaking process. We will take steps toward enhanced transparency with better communication of actions taken by the BFC, before during and after.

Support faculty through this period of transition

After being away during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the return to campus this fall will bring a unique set of challenges to the IUB faculty. The BFC aims to support faculty while we navigate the new landscape of the university, campus, and higher education amidst this transition back to residential university life.

Serve as thoughtful stewards of the authorities afforded to the faculty

While helping to govern a university, there is always work to be done. This year, as always, we will address issues related to the core functions of faculty: teaching, research, and service.