Kelley School of Business (Unit 2)

School of Education (Unit 3)

Nursing, Social Work and Medicine (Unit 4)

School of Informatics and Computing (Unit 5)

Maurer School of Law (Unit 6)

Libraries (Unit 7)

Jacobs School of Music (Unit 8)

School of Optometry (Unit 9)

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (Unit 10)

School of Public Health (Unit 11)

Non-tenure track faculty from clinical, lecturer, research scientist/scholar ranks (Unit 99)

Emeriti (Unit 100)

Additionally, one College At Large representative is elected by members of the College of Arts and Sciences. Four Campus at Large representatives and one Untenured Campus At Large representative are elected by members of Units 1-11. Two Emeriti faculty representatives are elected by emeriti faculty. 

Ex-officio members

Administration, graduate students, undergraduate students, the ROTC, and professional council members of the BFC are ex-officio, not elected members.


The officers of the Bloomington Faculty Council include the Presiding Officer (the IU Bloomington Provost), the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, the Secretary, the Parliamentarian, and four Executive Committee members. Each spring, the President of the Bloomington Faculty Council, Secretary and Parliamentarian are elected from among the Council members.