Join a committee

Where the heavy lifting happens

The Council does much of its work through standing and elected committees. Committees review proposals and develop policies that the Council will vote on, which means committee members have the opportunity to shape what will be considered by the full Council on a wide range of issues. The Council rarely acts on an issue without first considering that issue in committee.

What are the differences between the types of committees?

Standing Committees

Standing committees are permanent committees of the Bloomington Faculty Council that are required meet regularly. Sections 16 and 17 of the Bylaws of the Bloomington Faculty Council of Indiana University outline what the BFC standing committees are, as well as any specific guidelines, requirements, duties and functions.

The BFC currently has 15 standing committees, each of which has it's own webpage with information regarding current or past projects and committee meeting minutes when available. 

Elected Committees

The BFC has 5 elected committees, each with a specific purpose and structure. Faculty members can volunteer for these committees, the Nomination Committee then selects candidates to run, and the Bloomington Faculty elects the final membership.

The elected committees, save the Faculty Athletics Committee, are focused on dispute resolution, misconduct and grievance proceedings. Terms are 1-2 years depending on the committee and most meet only as-needed.

Each elected committee has a specific policy to guide their functions. Links to these policies can be found on each committee's webpage.

Campus committees

Offices and organizations throughout the campus seek faculty representation on their committees and boards. Each year, the Nomination Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council appoints these faculty representatives, based on those individuals who volunteered that year

The scope and time-commitment varies widely from committee to committee. Please visit the campus committees page to learn more about each of these opportunities.