Campus Committees

Campus Sustainability Advisory Board

The Campus Sustainability Advisory Board serves as the advising body to the Office of Sustainability. More information can be found on the Office of Sustainability’s website.

2023-24 BFC Appointee

Kelly Eskew, Kelley School

Child Care Coalition

The Child Care Coalition, composed of directors of IUB child care centers and cooperatives, child care professionals in the community, and other interested individuals, was appointed in 1987 by Vice President Gros Louis to consider ways to address child care issues on the Bloomington campus. The Office of Child Care Support was established in 1996 at the recommendation of the Child Care Coalition.

2023-24 BFC Appointees

Joanna Woronkowicz, O'Neill School

Katie Metz, Kelley School

Konstantin Dierks, History

Parking Appeals Committee

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) was established to provide those parking on campus an avenue for appealing citations. The committee members—including IU students, staff, and faculty—consider appeals submitted to them and are appointed by the following organizations that represent various populations on campus: Indiana University Student Association, Bloomington Faculty Council, Communications Workers of America, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME Local 832 at IU), Bloomington Professional Council, and Bloomington Parking Operations.

2023-24 BFC Appointees

Ashok K. Lalwani, Kelley School

Hillol Bala, Kelley School

Recreational Sports Committee

The Recreational Sports Committee advises and supports Recreational Sports Staff and student officers on administration of activities and clubs. The Committee also advises on learning opportunities within the varied programs that are offered to campus community members focused on fitness, health, and wellness.

2023-24 BFC Appointees

Alexander Alexeev, O'Neill School

Nancy Evans, Kelley School

Student Media Board

The Student Media Board insures that campus wide policies reflect the policies and procedures Media School’s commitment to ethics and fairness in the media industry and in the academic world.

2023-24 BFC Appointee

Margaret Lion, School of Public Health

Teaching and Learning Spaces Committee

The Teaching and Learning Spaces Committee reviews proposals for changes and enhancements to formal (classroom) and informal learning spaces, including prioritization of renovations and recommendations on expenditures for movable furniture.

2023-24 BFC Appointee

Justin Hodgson, English

Campus Transportation Policy and Safety Committee

The Campus Transportation Policy and Safety Committee was formed by combining two former committees: the Campus Transportation Policy Committee and Campus Traffic Safety Committee. The committee’s discussions and recommendations serve to aid the formulation of strategic initiatives related to transportation and traffic issues on the Bloomington campus.

2023-24 BFC Appointee

Christopher Sapp, Germanic Studies


Student Conduct Code Committees

Hearing Commission

The Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, specifies that when an initial finding of misconduct or an academic sanction by the Dean of Students is considered inappropriate by the student involved, that student may request a formal hearing by a hearing commission. This hearing commission consists of three members (two faculty members and one student). One of the faculty members also serves as the presiding officer of the commission. The faculty members listed below may be chosen to serve on the commission by the Dean of Students.

The Bloomington Faculty Council collects a list of faculty volunteers to serve on these commissions and supplies that list to the Office of Student Conduct.

Read the Hearing Commission procedures

Review Board

In the Indiana University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct, a Campus Review Board is established after a unit hearing board issues a decision and the initial finding of misconduct is appealed.

Members of the Student Conduct Code Review Board may be selected by the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs or Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education to create a Campus Review Board. The members of the Board is chosen from a list of faculty provided by the Bloomington Faculty Council and a list of students provided by the Bloomington campus student body president and graduate and professional student moderator. Any members who are initially appointed and become unable to serve on the Board should be replaced by the Vice Provost by others from these lists.

Read the Campus Review Board procedures