Executive Committee

The primary role of the Executive Committee (EC) is to set the agenda for full BFC meetings. In this capacity, the EC must stay aware of standing committee activities, vet draft policies and proposals, and decide when an item is ready for debate and voting on the BFC floor.

The EC is also responsible for assigning tasks to committees and appointing task forces and special committees when necessary.

The EC meets on Tuesdays when the BFC does not meet. The Provost attends the second half of each meeting. The EC is one of the primary vehicles of communication between the IU Bloomington administration and faculty.

2022 - 2023 Members

Cate Reck, Chemistry
Faculty President; Executive Committee

Rachael Cohen, Libraries
Student Affairs Committee, CARC, Parlimentarian
Shu Cole, School of Public Health
Faculty Affairs Committee
Danielle DeSawal, Education
Kelly Eskew, Kelley School of Business
Educational Polices Committee
Colin Johnson, Gender Studies
President-elect; Nomination Committee
Ben Kravitz, Geology
Research Affairs Committee
Marietta Simpson, Jacobs School of Music
Past-president; Long Range Planning Committee
Jonathan Trinidad, Chemistry
Budgetary Affairs