Nomination Committee

Unlike the other standing committees whose terms follow the academic calendar, terms for Nomination Committee members span the calendar year. Nomination Committee members are nominated by the BFC Executive Committee and elected each fall by the current members of the BFC.

For the Nomination Committee, the first main task is overseeing the elections of Bloomington Faculty Council members and faculty president-elect. The BFC Bylaws (section 4) thoroughly detail the elections process in which the Nomination Committee plays a significant role. 

In addition, the committee works through the summer and early fall to appoint BFC committee chairs, elected and standing committee members, and Bloomington representatives of the University Faculty Council. The committee also works closely with the Provost and the Executive Committee throughout the year to assign members to other campus committees and boards.

2023 Members

Colin Johnson, 
Gender Studies, President-elect

Karen Gahl-Mills
O'Neill School
Danielle DeSawal
Sabine Lammers
Jiangmei Wu
Interior Design 
Margaret Lion
Public Health 

Cate Reck