Research Affairs Committee

The Research Affairs Committee was initiated in 2002 - 2003 to develop campus policies pertaining to research, and to work with the Office of Research to address issues affecting campus support for research activities.

2021-2022 Assignments

  1. Finalize results from the 2020-2021 NTT survey of governance activity report to the BFC and coordinate with Faculty Affairs Committee when appropriate
  2. Continue working with VP Cate’s office regarding changes to foreign influence on research
  3. Make final recommendations regarding research scientists’ and scholars’ rights, roles, and benefits, including any proposed policy changes

2021 - 2022 Members

Sally Letsinger
, Geography 

Ashley Clark
Center for Survey Research 
Ethan Fridmanski
Stacey Giroux
Ostrom Workshop
Amy Hackenberg
Patty Ingham
Institute for Advanced Studies
Liang-shi Li
Karen Rogers
Wen Qi
Research Analyst, Faculty and Academic Affairs
Jeff Zaleski,
Interim Vice Provost for Research (Ex officio)