Research Affairs Committee

The Research Affairs Committee was initiated in 2002 - 2003 to develop campus policies pertaining to research, and to work with the Office of Research to address issues affecting campus support for research activities.

2022-2023 Assignments

  1. Draft policy for research funding disclosures, including gifts/donations from IU Foundation.
  2. Engage with the proposals for centralization, consolidation, restructuring of research administration at IU/IUB/IUPUI. Liaise with the Task Force on Research Reorganization
  3. Continue to track federal and IU policies regarding disclosures required for collaborative international research (i.e., foreign influence in research).
  4. Support existing research programs through faculty-retention policies and practices.
  5. Continue pushing for visibility and equitable classification and benefits for NTT research faculty.
  6. Evaluate how to best support graduate student researchers.
  7. Boost visibility of undergraduate research opportunities and programs.
  8. Open lines of communication/collaboration with IUPUI and UFC RACs.
  9. Assert oversight and accountability role in all research topics (including administration) at IUB through true shared governance.

2022 - 2023 Members


Ben Kravitz, EAS
Sally Letsinger
, Geography 

Ashley Clark
Center for Survey Research 
Seth Freedman
O'Neill School
Ethan Fridmanski
Amangul Hydyrova
IUSG Representative
Jillian Kinzie
Wen Qi
Research Analyst, Faculty and Academic Affairs
Karen Rogers
Laboratory Animal Resources
Dan Tracey
Brea Perry
Interim Vice Provost for Research (Ex officio)