Student Academic Appointee Affairs Committee

The Student Academic Appointee Affairs Committee studies existing problems of SAAs and attempts to anticipate future problems and recommends improvements in policies concerning the role of SAAs, helping in the implementation of these changes.

2023-24 Assignments

  1. Establish collaborative working relationships with campus level administrators, especially the Dean of the Graduate School.
  2. Continue to advance priorities for improving the experience of SAAs laid out by the Task Force on Graduate Education, as well as those identified in the IUB 2030 strategic plan.
  3. Develop a working culture on the committee of open communication and active collaboration with an eye toward problem solving. The reestablishment of the SAAAC for the purpose of opening established lines of communication between SAAs, the faculty, and campus leadership was one of the Council’s key accomplishments last year, and it is essential that we not squander the potential of this resource to create positive change.

2023-24 Members

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas,
Joshua Paschal,
GPSG-SAA Representative

Sara Stefani


Jon Macy

Applied Health Science

Deborah Snaddon


Allen Davis

Spanish & Portuguese

Michael Courtney


Jodi Kutzner

GPSG Representative

Elijah Beaton

GPSG Representative

Amanda Diekman

Associate Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (Ex officio)

David Daleke

Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences and Dean of the IUB Graduate School (Ex officio)