Technology Policy Committee

2023-24 Assignments

  1. Work with the BFC Executive Committee and other relevant stakeholders to assemble and charge a task force dedicated to developing “best practice” recommendations and specific policy proposals related to the appropriate use of AI in the classroom, research, and day-to-day work. In conceptualizing this task force and its charge, TPC should begin by reviewing guidance that has already been issued by various campus and university-level units such as UITS and CITL, none of which has been formally endorsed by the BFC.
  2. Consider how the university and campus make use of student data and recommend “best practices” or proposed policy changes.
  3. Consider trying to advance the long-term goal of developing an IT User Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.
  4. Investigate and evaluate any technology concerns for faculty and students on campus.
  5. Liaise with IT leadership at the university to convey faculty needs and issues (shared governance).
  6. Work with the new UFC Technology Policy Committee and collaborate on any needed proposals (shared governance).

2023-24 Members

Angie Raymond
, Kelley School
Logan Paul, Luddy School

Ashley Ahlbrand
Alexander Alexeev
O'Neill School
Heather Calloway
University Collections
Michael Collins
Kelley School
Nancy Evans
Kelley School
Justin Hodgson
Ethan Fridmanski
Laura Karcher
Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences
Jeremy Siek
Luddy School
Dan Hickey
Curt Bonk
Madelyn Gamble
IU Student Government Representative
Ariana Gunderson
GPSG Representative
Michele Kelmer
UITS Faculty Engagement Outreach (Ex-officio)
Anne Leftwich
Interim Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies (Ex-officio)
Scott Michaels
Assistant Vice President for Centers and Core Facilities (Ex-officio)
Elizabeth Harris
Director of Academic Technology Support      (Ex-officio)