Faculty Affairs Committee

The Faculty Affairs Committee develops policy governing faculty appointments, grievances, discipline, and working conditions.

2023-24 Assignments

  1. Review faculty misconduct and grievance policies and procedures and make recommendations for improvement in those processes. Consult with past and current members of grievance/misconduct boards/committees to determine what works well about the current policy and what needs to be changed.
  2. Review campus level policies related to faculty annual reviews and make recommendations to improve the process of provisioning faculty with regular, forward-looking, constructively framed feedback and guidance related to professional goal setting and career advancement.
  3. Review BL-ACA-E17 and clarify procedures for review of non-reappointment for Teaching and Clinical Faculty on recurring long-term contracts.
  4. Work with OVPFAA to evaluate an anti-bullying policy.
  5. Work with OVPFAA to increase compliance with AAU Policy on Preventing Sexual Harassment in Academia.

2023-24 Members

Jessica Lester
, Education
Katherine Ryan
, Kelley School

John Carini
Jonathan Michaelsen
Theatre, Drama, Contemporary Dance
Shabnam Kavousian
Travis O'Brien
Gerry Lanosga
Media School
Minjeong Kim
Cassandra Coble
Public Health
Cale Whitworth 
Shu Cole
Public Health
John Gibson
Carrie Docherty
Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (Ex officio)