CREM Committee

The role of the BFC Creation, Reorganization, Elimination and Merger (CREM) standing committee is to monitor and safeguard the legislative authority of the faculty over CREM initiatives. The work of the committee is guided by policy BL-ACA-D16 Creation, Reorganization, Elimination, and Merger of Academic Units and Programs.

2022-2023 Assignments

  1. Revisit CREM policy (BL-ACA-D16). Update language in policy to better reflect the current state of affairs (e.g. avoiding exclusionary language concerning faculty, etc.) with proper references to current documents and updated links
  2. Reconsider structure of the CREM committee

2022- 2023 Members

Alex Tanford
, Mauer School of Law

Sena Durguner
Kelley School of Business
Judah Cohen
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs (Ex officio)