Student Affairs Committee

2019-2020 Members

Danielle DeSawal, Education (Co-chair)
Cate Reck, Chemistry (Co-chair)
Rachael Cohen, Libraries
Allen Davis, Spanish and Portuguese
Lauren Kapulka Richerme
, Music
Katie Metz, Kelley
Tammi Nelson, Social Work
Kimberley Mattioli, Law
Isabel Mishkin, IU Student Government President
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin, Public Health
David Smiley, Public Health
Paul Sokol, Physics
Kassandra Vaught, Graduate and Professional Student Government
David Daleke,Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dave O’Guinn, Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students (Ex officio)

Committee News

Currently under consideration

  • Conducting a review of the new Medical Excuse Policy

Completed projects

  • Offered feedback to the Division of Student Affairs on their initiative and strategic goals for 2019 – 2020, including the new Care Referral Report and the new Trespass Notification policy.