Student Affairs Committee

The Student Affairs Committee considers such matters as establishing and maintaining the best possible student-faculty relations, receiving and reviewing communications regarding student problems and issues, advising the various offices and agencies of the University regarding student affairs.

2022-2023 Assignments

  1. Review the existing SAA grievance / mediation procedures and related SAA policies and work to make them more visible and accessible to SAAs on campus and the campus at large
  2. Survey and explore the prevalence of academic misconduct on campus, the wide-ranging ways academic units handle it, and how our committee might facilitate education of the new code to schools and units 
  3. Follow up on the impact of the health note requirement changes from August 2019, particularly related to accommodations for Covid-related absence and mental health 
  4. Follow up on the recommendations from the Culture and Campus Task Force recommendations (Chair: Aaron Carroll) with regard to mental health

2022 - 2023 Members

Rachel Cohen, Libraries
Katie Metz
, Business 

Jack Bielasiak
Political Science
Denvil Duncan
O'Neill School
Jane Anne Grogg
Jeanette Heidewal
Kelly School of Business
Meredith Knoff
Sabine Lammers
Gerry Lanosga
Meghan Porter
Ben Robinson
Germanic Studies
Catherine Sherwood-Laughlin
Applied Health Sciences
Christi Walton
Kelley School of Business
David Daleke
Vice Provost for Graduate Education (Ex officio)
Dave O’Guinn
Vice Provost for Student Affairs & Dean of Students (Ex officio)