Diversity in the U.S. Learning Outcomes

The recent Diversity Taskforce Report has identified a series of learning outcomes for the goal that are classified within three categories: knowledge, analysis and interpretive skills, and intra- and interpersonal skills.  On October 19, the Educational Policies Committee hosted an open meeting (Agenda) which aimed to engage campus constituencies in discussions that focus on how a combination of academic and co-curricular requirements can accomplish these learning outcomes, and include them as part of students first-year experience, and how they should be assessed.

Couldn't attend the meeting? You can still provide feedback.

How did we get here?

On April 5, 2016, the Bloomington Faculty Council amended and adopted the “BFC resolution on Diversity” which, among its charges, called for the Educational Policies Committee (EPC) to “explore the addition of an enhanced diversity requirement to the General Education Requirements.” 

After creating a joint task force with members of the General Education Committee to address this charge, the EPC presented circular B40-2017, which included a resolution and amendments to circular B16-2011 for consideration by the BFC during the April 18, 2017 meeting.

The resolution recommended that the Provost appoint a General Education Committee diversity subcommittee, with broad representation from all campus Schools and the College and including representatives from the BFC Educational Policies Committee, the Diversity and Affirmative Action Committee (DAAC), and the student body. That subcommittee was charged with four objectives:

  1. Specify learning outcomes for the GenEd Shared Goal of Diversity in the U.S.
  2. Evaluate how the combination of (i) an academic requirement and (ii) co-curricular requirement can accomplish these learning outcomes.
  3. Identify ways to include the co-curricular diversity requirement as part of the first-year experience.
  4. Provide a report to the BFC EPC and DAAC, and the GEC with recommendations for enacting these goals.

The report from the committee has specifically addressed the first objective.