SAA Grievance Process


1. SAA Board of Review


(SAA Grievance to reach this level within 2 months of the incident or series of incidents that led to the grievance)
SAA submits a written grievance that has not be resolved at the department/unit level and through the SAA Mediation Committee.

2. Person(s) Grieved Against Notified

Person(s) noted in the written statement from the SAA are notified via the BFC Office of the grievance with a copy of the SAA grievance statement.

3. Schedule Hearing

The hearing will be scheduled 10-30 days from submission of the written statement.
Collection of Materials for Review
The SAA Board of Review will request from both parties materials they would like the board to review in advance of the case by a specific date.
The SAA Board of Review will request the names and contact information for witnesses that are being asked to be at the hearing.

4. Hearing conducted

SAA Review Board members considers all evidence presented and determines recommendation.

5. Recommendation

(Submitted within 10 days of the hearing)
The SAA Board of Review provides a recommendation to the Provost on the grievance based on the evidence presented. A copy of the recommendation will be sent by the BFC Office to the Provost and both parties.