Constitutional amendments

Members of the IU Bloomington faculty will be voting soon on a group of amendments to the Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty. Some of the amendments are simple changes designed to remove unnecessary specificity or allow for easier “redistricting” of voting units in future years. 

Other amendments make substantive changes to who is represented on the council, expanding the representation of non-tenure-track faculty and making adjustments to control the overall size of the Council.

All of the proposed amendments have been approved by the Bloomington Faculty Council.

Members of the IU Bloomington faculty are asked to vote on a group of amendments to the Constitution of the Bloomington Faculty. Individual ballots were emailed on Monday, November 12th.

If you did not receive a ballot, experience difficulties with the ballot or have any questions, please contact the BFC office at
The ballot will be open through Monday, November 26, 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

History of the proposals

In recent years, the BFC and its committees have investigated how to improve the working conditions of non-tenure-track faculty. During academic year 2017-2018, the Non-Tenure-Track Task Force initiated changes designed to increase the participation of non-tenure-track faculty in the faculty governance of the Bloomington campus while maintaining a council size that allows for full participation by its members. Because matters of representation are distributed throughout the Constitution, these changes result in proposals to amend a number of sections of the Constitution.

Additionally, the Constitution and Rules Committee initiated several amendments designed to clean up the constitution to reflect current practice, and to clarify and refine procedural matters.

Join us to discuss and ask questions

A Canvas site has been set up to facilitate conversation about the proposed amendments. Email to be added to the site.