Clarifying tenure-track election units


This proposal removes the names of specific schools from the section in order to prevent revising the Constitution every time a school is added, eliminated, merged or renamed. It also adds tenure-track to the faculty, to clarify that this section refers to that specific class of faculty. It sets a minimum of 15 tenure-track faculty in order to constitute an election unit and requires that the number of voting tenure-track faculty and librarian representative be no less than 60% of the total voting membership of the Council.

The Bloomington Faculty Council voted unanimously to approve this proposal. 

Current Constitution

A. Representation of Faculty and Librarian Units
1. Faculty and Librarian Election Units; Qualifications of Representatives
The following units shall each constitute an election unit: College of Arts and Sciences; School of Business; School of Education; School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation; School of Journalism; School of Law; School of Library and Information Science; School of Music; School of Optometry; School of Public and Environmental Affairs; the Library; and the School of Informatics. However, the College of Arts and Sciences shall be divided into sub-election units in a manner specified by agreement of the College Policy Committee and the Bloomington Faculty Council Nomination Committee. Such division of the College into sub-election units shall be published with the Council's bylaws governing the conduct of elections. Faculty members in any subelection unit of the College may nominate and vote in all sub-election units of the College. Further, any academic units with faculty on the Bloomington campus not included within the above units shall be grouped together to constitute an election unit. Council representatives from election units must be persons qualifying under sections 1.1 or 1.2 of this constitution and shall be nominated and elected by such qualified persons in the represented unit.