Removing cap on tenure-track representatives


This proposal clarifies the units involved in the apportionment described are the tenure-track units and removes the upper cap on the number of tenure-track faculty on the council to parallel the fact that no such cap is proposed on the non-tenure-track faculty. It keeps the lower bound.

The Bloomington Faculty Council voted unanimously to approve this proposal.

Current constitution

Article V SECTION 5.5: MEMBERS Part A. Representation of Faculty and Librarian Units subpart 2. Basis of Representation
Each faculty and librarian election unit shall have a minimum of one Council representative. The Council's bylaws shall specify a basis for apportioning representatives to election units in accordance with the number of persons in the units qualifying under sections 1.1 or 1.2 of this constitution so that there will be not less than thirty nor more than thirty-five faculty and librarian unit Council representatives.